Copywriting powerful messages

Powering your message

Do you need help with putting your message across? Are you looking for that special blend of clarity and creativity that only a copywriting professional can give you? Whatever your requirements and whatever your audience, I can supply you with tailored, persuasive and motivating copy to help you achieve the results you want.

Copy for corporate communications, mailshots, letters

No flannel or fuss

Whether a corporate manual or a consumer mailshot, a multi-page report or a simple sales letter, I promise you versatility, precision and a crystal clear writing style. Just as important, I'll turn around your requirements quickly, thoroughly and without flannel or fuss. You'll also benefit from around 35 years of experience in advertising and business communications.

How can I help you?

Mailshots, web content, advertisements, corporate literature, newsletters, catalogues, even multi-page mission reports commissioned by Government departments - over the years, I've written the lot. Click here for examples of the kind of writing projects I have delivered for clients.

So if you're promoting products to customers or services to businesses, or if you're a design studio seeking first-rate freelance copywriting support, let's talk.

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I promise you versatility, precision and a crystal clear style - plus the ability to work quickly, without flannel or fuss.
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